Hi, I’m Melissa.  My husband, Ryan and I have just taken a job in Northern Laos and have moved here with our two kids, Talia (4.5) and Elise (2).   We wanted something different than the average American life, so four years ago we said goodbye to friends and family and moved to Southeast Asia to begin living and working here.


We’ve been living here in Southeast Asia for the last four years and have moved around a bit, but Northern Laos is one of the most rural and interesting places we’ve ever lived.


We’ve set up and adjusted to a number of new places now.  This time, I want to share my experience with you as we learn how to live here.  I hope that this will help me keep a healthy perspective of humor and adventure, instead of being overwhelmed by the challenges that daily life may bring.  I would love for this blog to give me opportunities to connect with YOU and learn from your ideas and experiences as well.

So why “the Land in Between”?  The Land in Between is the tagline for Laos, a country surrounded by other countries.  It’s also a bit symbolic of how my life feels… not living in my home country, and trying to become part of another – caught in between.

I plan to share some of my daily life, learning to live in a very different place, what I do to keep myself and my family healthy, and my experience fitting into this new community.  I’m not a very wordy writer, but I love taking pictures!


Updated picture with all three of my girls at the end of 2014:

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