the hair-washing joint

I have not used shampoo for over three years now, and I’ve loved it…. until now.  It took me a while to realize something was wrong, but I just couldn’t seem to get my hair clean with my regular routine.  Over time, it seemed to get sticky and tangled and no amount of scrubbing in the shower made any improvement.  It wasn’t just my hair, but the girls’ hair, as well.  After a little reading online, I figured out that hard water was the problem.  We have very hard water here, so much so that it leaves a white layer of mineral deposit anywhere it dries.  And from what I read online, that doesn’t work well with my non-shampoo ways.  The solution for most people, is to get a water softener or a shower head filter, but since that isn’t an option for me right now, I have resorted to washing my hair once again with shampoo.IMG_50142015-04-26 hairwash haircut luang prabang by Melissa CrossettThe cool thing is that there are hair washing shops on every block here.  I can think of at least 5 or 6 just within walking distance from my house.  So, I decided if I was going to use shampoo, I might as well go all in and have my hair washed professionally. IMG_50052015-04-26 hairwash haircut luang prabang by Melissa CrossettAfter picking out what type of shampoo you want, you lie down on the “hair washing bed” and they wash and rinse your hair not once, not twice, but three times with as much lather and scrub as you can imagine. They also give you a little head and neck massage in the process. IMG_50072015-04-26 hairwash haircut luang prabang by Melissa Crossett Then they rinse with dipper after dipper of cold water.  Then comes the conditioner. IMG_50102015-04-26 hairwash haircut luang prabang by Melissa CrossettWhen I took Talia in for her wash I asked them to trim Talia’s her hair as well, but that is optional. IMG_50112015-04-26 hairwash haircut luang prabang by Melissa Crossett IMG_50122015-04-26 hairwash haircut luang prabang by Melissa CrossettThen, they’ll blow it dry for you.  I opted to skip that part as I’m not too keen on having hot air blown on me when it’s already 99 degrees out! IMG_50152015-04-26 hairwash haircut luang prabang by Melissa Crossett

I have to say, having my hair professionally washed was quite an enjoyable experience.  And it only cost $1.50 for Talia’s wash AND a trim!  Of course, now my hair is back to it’s frizzy and limp state, but at least it’s clean.

I still have a lot of questions about hair washing practices here…. Who goes to get their hair washed?  How often?  Is it routine or for special occasions (like no water in the house!)?

The hair washing place also offers an ear cleaning service.  Ryan thinks I should give the professional ear cleaning a try but the tools they use look like they could be used for some kind of torture technique so I’m going to take a pass.  It would make a great blog post, though.

Would you go to get your hair washed?

Should I Ryan go for the ear cleaning?