Intoducing: baby Isla

DSC_8144bIsla Ryan arrived one week ago and we’re in love with her.  She was born at home after a fast labor, but thankfully the midwife did arrive in time.  Isla was born safe and healthy and Ryan even got to catch her!  We’ve just spent the week enjoying our newest little girl and resting at home.  She has been such a good baby!

*Isla is pronounced like “Island” without the “nd”.2014-08-20 new baby-102014-08-20 new baby-2 2014-08-20 new baby-3 2014-08-20 new baby-5 2014-08-20 new baby-6 2014-08-20 new baby2014-08-20 new baby-2-2 2014-08-20 new baby-3-2 2014-08-20 new baby-5-2 2014-08-20 new baby-7 2014-08-20 new baby-8 2014-08-20 new baby-6-2 2014-08-20 new baby-9

8 thoughts on “Intoducing: baby Isla”

  1. Hi guys,
    Congratulations with your daughter. She looks gorgeous and you chose a beautiful name too (very Irish also).
    Hope to see you again soon.
    Wil & San


  2. Congratulations on another darling little girl. Loved all the pics and I think from the looks of all of them Isla will NEVER lack for love and attention from her big sisters.


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