we don't shampoo – this is why

  1. It saves us time & money
  2. It’s simple
  3. Our hair looks better!

A few years ago, I learned from my cousin about the “curly girl” method of using conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo.  I started trying it, and really liked it.  However, when we moved to Thailand, I no longer had access to the right conditioners or even hair gels to follow that method.

2014-07-23 no shampoo by Melissa CrossettI did a little reading and found the “no-poo” method that just uses baking soda.  I’ve been keeping my hair clean just using baking soda ever since, and have even converted Ryan in the past year.  Now he’s a huge fan as well, and has seen great results with his hair.  He’s now more often promoting it to friends than I am!

Instead of using shampoo to wash, replace that with baking soda.  We pour 1-2 T of baking soda into an empty water bottle, add a little water and shake it up until it dissolves.  Then, pour it onto your wet hair and rub it all around, like you would shampoo, except for that it won’t lather.  After that, just let it sit for a second before you rinse it out.  You can then follow with an apple cider vinegar rinse that acts like a conditioner.  I use about 1/4 cup of ACV diluted in water.  Ryan doesn’t use the ACV, but it really helps people with scalp problems.

2014-07-23 no shampoo by Melissa Crossett-2When you first start out, there is a bit of a transition period.  Eventually, your head will start producing less oil because you aren’t stripping that out daily with shampoo.  You will be able to go longer and longer between washes.  Now, I only clean my hair about once a week, sometimes less (on other days, I often just rinse with water). My scalp issues have improved, my hair is less frizzy and more curly.  Ryan, who has very straight hair, has experienced more texture and volume to his hair, way less oiliness and “fluffiness.”  He used to have to wash his hair everyday if he didn’t want to look like a greaser (his words, not mine).  And like I said, it also saves us plenty of time and money.  Ironically, we can’t get baking soda in Laos, so we pick some up when we’re in Thailand.

For styling products, I usually only use some leave-in conditioner and sometimes gel.  You do have to make sure your styling products are water soluble, or you will end up with buildup.

What kind of shampoo do you use?  Do you think you could benefit from “no-poo” like us?

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2 thoughts on “we don't shampoo – this is why”

  1. I have used the baking soda twice now and already feel the difference..less oil and stays in place better. Thanks kids..we are never to old to learn new tricks.


  2. I have used the baking soda method for over a month now and like Ryan ..less oil and more body. Yes..never too old to learn new things. Thanks kiddos.


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