weekend adventures: mother's day

I guess I spoke a bit too soon about the hot weather being passed, as it’s been quite warm again this week.  So, when Ryan asked me what I’d like to do to celebrate mother’s day, I immediately knew I wanted to go swimming.

So, after a delicious breakfast and some adorable and hilarious handmade cards from the girls, we rented a motorbike for the day and set off in search of a good swimming spot.  We took the road heading north out of town that follows the river and just kept our eyes open.  We didn’t have much of a plan, but hoped we’d find somewhere to cool off and enjoy the picnic lunch we’d bought at the market.

2014-05-15 river swim by Melissa Crossett-4After maybe 15 minutes of some beautiful views, we spotted this little place off the road that looked like it was meant for guests.  There was a row of little huts on land and some floating huts in the water.

2014-05-15 river swim by Melissa Crossett-3We made our way down the little village road and arrived at the spot.  It turned out it was a little restaurant that even had inner tubes for rent.  We chatted a bit with the friendly owner and found out he was the one who installed our internet.  We didn’t recognize him.  Oops!

2014-05-15 river swim by Melissa Crossett-2The water was quite deep and there wasn’t much of a shore, but we had fun, nonetheless.  I think we’ll continue our search for the perfect swim hole, but we had a great Mother’s Day here.2014-05-15 river swim by Melissa Crossett2014-05-15 river swim by Melissa Crossett-5 2014-05-15 river swim by Melissa Crossett-6

Me and my girls (all 3 of them!)

Excuse the blurry phone pics.  I didn’t bring my camera along this time.

What did you do for Mother’s Day?

3 thoughts on “weekend adventures: mother's day”

  1. Looks like you had a lovely Mother’s Day! We’ve forgotten what heat is like. It was 39 yesterday morning. Can’t wait to see you! Please leave the steamy sticky weather behind when you come. 😀


  2. So glad you are able to get out and about to enjoy yourselves. Happy Mother’s Day a week late, but it looked like you had a great time…Especially with those little girls 🙂


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