beating the heat

It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago we were freezing our tails off during the winter season.  Without any heat source in the house, we had to get creative to keep warm, like family snuggle sessions in the middle of the day, 2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossettwearing hot water bottles2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-2

and stylish pjs.2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-3

Now, it’s summer, and this past month has been HOT!  Thankfully, the girls have AC in their bedroom, so naps and nighttime for them is quite comfortable.  The rest of the time, we’ve been doing our best to stay cool.2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-5We made smoothies, 2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-4went swimming in the river,

2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-6 2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-7played with water in the yard,2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-8 2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-9 2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-11 2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-10And one day, I felt desperate for a break from the heat, so I hung out with the girls in their room with the AC on2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-12We also went over to visit the neighbor and her new baby.  They, however, were not beating the heat.  Most women here practice “mother roasting” after giving birth, which consists of keeping the mom and baby home and very warm for a month: bathing in hot water, drinking hot drinks, eating hot soups, wearing hats and long sleeves, and the real kicker…. lying on a bed with hot coals on the floor underneath.  I have a lot more to learn on this subject, but from what I understand, it is done to help them heal quickly and restore their balance.    2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-13 2014-05-05 Lao summer by Melissa Crossett-14

My friends here can’t believe I didn’t practice this after my girls were born.  They were very curious how long it took me to heal.

Now May is here and has brought with it some nice rain and beautiful temperatures.  I guess a couple weeks of super hot weather is all we’re going to have!

What do you do to stay cool in the summer?


5 thoughts on “beating the heat”

  1. Oh how I remember many days with Jared hanging out in the big tub in our backyard! Brings back memories. We would also wet the tile patio and make our own slip and slide. 🙂 So fun!

    I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures. We look forward to seeing you when you are back!


  2. excellence experience living learning , lovely family.there are not many westerners can have this kind of experience.Keep learning…


  3. Just did some reading on the “mother roasting” study you posted. That’s fascinating! I don’t presume you’ll be giving that method a try… 😉
    We love playing with kitchen utensils and water in the backyard. Asher would have a blast with the girls in their pool!


    1. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on the mother roasting this time. 🙂 I am very interested to learn more about it, though. It’s shaping up to be another hot week here, so there will be a lot more water play going on. Come on over! 😉


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