Patty (and the strangest google search I've ever done)

Our friend came into the house with something tiny to show Talia today.  At first I thought it was a little frog, but then she stretched it out and I saw it was the teeny tiniest baby bat!  He (or she) must have fallen away from his mother during the rain last night.2014-05-06 baby bat by Melissa Crossett-2

Talia decided the baby bat would be her pet.  She named her Patty and put her in a bowl outside.  Then Talia came running to ask me what bats like to eat.  I told her fruit, so she rounded up some suitable “snacks” from the backyard.  She must have decided the bat also needed water, as we later found Patty swimming in the bowl.

2014-05-06 baby bat by Melissa Crossett

Talia wanted to know how to take care of Patty, so I turned to google to find out what could be done.  I read that it’s best to get the baby bat to grab onto a stick and then put her up in a tree, where hopefully, her mother would come back for her.  They don’t really survive if you keep them.  If that didn’t work, google said you should call a local wildlife rehabilitator for assistance.  I don’t think we have one of those here, so we’re hoping plan A works.2014-05-06 baby bat by Melissa Crossett-3

So, right now Patty is hanging out in our Lychee tree, and hopefully she’ll be gone in the morning.

What was your first pet?

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