I’ve been thinking lately about how our life here reminds me a lot of camping.

First, there is the fact that we’re missing a few key components in our bathroomDSC_4811

and our kitchen2014-01-13-DSC_4063

And filling up baskets of dirty dishes to haul out to the outside kitchen, somehow reminds me of taking them down to the river to wash them.2014-01-07-DSC_3890

You can also smell smoke during most parts of the day as the neighbors do their cooking.  And that smell often clings to my laundry hanging on the line.  That I really don’t mind though.2014-01-06-DSC_4713

And then there’s the wildlife around…20131108-DSC_3898

This week, I’ve been learning how to cook a bunch of Lao dishes, the Lao way – outside over a fire.  So, that just sealed the whole “camping” analogy for me.2014-04-26 Camping by Melissa Crossett-2 2014-04-26 Camping by Melissa Crossett-4

Do I like camping?  Yes, I do.  And I love the laid back way of life that goes with it.  Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire and spending plenty of time outdoors?

Do I want to feel like I’m camping permanently?  Maybe not.  On one hand, I know my house is a step above many of my friends and neighbors who only have outhouses, and a water tap out in their yard. On the other hand, many of them live with, or near their extended families and they all help each other out.   2014-04-26 Camping by Melissa Crossett-5

I think my growing belly has got me thinking about how having a newborn again will change the dynamics of our family, and that makes me shy away from this “camping” lifestyle.2014-04-26 Camping by Melissa Crossett

We’ll probably look for another home after our year lease is up, one that might have a few more conveniences and make daily life a little less work.  I hear there are actually some houses with real indoor plumbing in town!

When is the last time you went camping?


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