weekend adventures: Tai Dam village

We decided that we’ve done enough home improvements for now and we needed to spend more time out of the house.  So, we’ve started renting a motorbike on the weekends and planning day trips to see different things in the area.  This last weekend, we visited a Tai Dam village about 5 minutes out of town.

Tai Dam village weavingI’m so fascinated by the way these ladies weave beautiful cotton and silk fabrics.  It was really fun to watch up close.

Tai Dam village weavingThe ladies pulled out a bunch of their finished products for us.Tai Dam village weavingWe also drew a bit of a crowd.2014-03-06 DSC_5894Talia loved looking at all the beautiful cloths.  Elise, however, is never too sure about all the attention.Tai Dam village weavingWe continued our walk and stopped to watch 3 more ladies working on their looms. I suppose it’s nice to have company.Tai Dam village weavingIt sure looks complicated!2014-03-06 DSC_5910Talia says she wants to move into the village.Tai Dam village 2014-03-06 DSC_5915We walked through the village as everyone called out friendly greetings.2014-03-06 DSC_5920We passed some tidy gardens,2014-03-06 DSC_5922and made it down to the river. Talia and Elise tried to get close to the geese and ducks, but they are probably a bit too accustomed to children and moved off before the girls could get near.2014-03-06 DSC_5924The water was irresistible, so we had to at least get our feet wet.  Unlike some others, though, we kept our clothes on.Tai Dam village Tai Dam village Once noon rolled around, we set off on a ride around the countryside and looked for a place to enjoy our picnic lunch.  2014-03-06 DSC_5941The rice fields are all dried up,  but the little huts are still standing.2014-03-06 DSC_59392014-03-06 DSC_5935We ate our lunch, then headed home for naps.  We can’t wait until next weekend!

What did you do this weekend?  Do any of you photographers have tips on taking pictures in the middle of the day?  It isn’t always feasible to go at dawn or dusk.  

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