fun in the yard

Although there have been a lot of challenges in this house, the best thing about it has been having a yard for the kids to play in.  While we did have a nice park in our neighborhood in Bangkok, it is so much better to have grass, plants, dirt and trees surrounding your own house, instead of concrete.

2014-02-25 DSC_3806At first, these two city girls didn’t really know how to interact with nature.  They’d sit on a stool and watch a snail leave his slimy tracks.2014-02-25 DSC_3908

But it didn’t take long before they were collecting sticks, rocks and other treasures, and chasing butterflies around the yard. 2014-02-25 DSC_3912I find they are so much happier when they get a couple of hours outside to run around, explore, and soak up some free vitamin D.2014-02-25 DSC_3930We even have a small patch of sidewalk that makes a good place for chalk drawings. 2014-02-25 DSC_40152014-02-25 DSC_4030Daddy has come up with a few fun games, like attaching an old faucet to a long piece of wood.2014-02-25 DSC_4020and setting up a station to practice badminton skills.2014-02-25 DSC_4026 2014-02-25 DSC_4389The neighbors chickens like hanging out in our yard about as much as we do. 2014-02-25 DSC_5196This clothesline Ryan strung up for the girls kept them busy for days.2014-02-25 DSC_5868A couple of dishes and wooden stools make a great makeshift kitchen.2014-02-25 DSC_58662014-02-25 DSC_5701But the best, is when the neighbors come over to play.  It’s great to see the girls building confidence, interacting with new people, and learning to communicate.  Here they are making elaborate chalk drawings on scrap wood, and themselves!2014-02-25 DSC_5705

What do your kids like to do outside?  Any idea what kind of toys I could provide for the neighbor kids to play with when they come over?  I don’t think the chalk is going to hold up for long!


4 thoughts on “fun in the yard”

  1. When the girls and I are outside we play with bubbles, water balloons , sand toys , bug catcher , and sometimes cars and kickball. In your pictures Lydia said they look like Nora.


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