a tale of two beds (bed 2)

Once bed one and a few other projects were complete, Ryan started working on the second bed, our bed.  2014-02-19 DSC_4605

The wood we have available here is pretty rough.  It’s also very inexpensive. So, we use what we have.

2014-02-19 DSC_4607

Ryan’s workshop is also less than ideal, but with the whole family’s help, he makes it work.2014-02-19 DSC_4613 2014-02-19 DSC_4616

Some tricks he learned from his Dad growing up also came in handy for marking the boards to rip cut. (I just learned that term from Ryan)2014-02-19 DSC_4620Talia and Elise are always happy to help.  2014-02-19 DSC_4629 2014-02-19 DSC_4634

As soon as the frame was done, Ryan set it up on some cinder-blocks left over from our makeshift bathroom sink so that we could get our mattress off the floor right away.  2014-02-19 DSC_4641 2014-02-19 DSC_4814

Then he worked on building the “stilts” over the course of the next few days. Since we don’t have much storage in our house, we thought it would be helpful to build the bed high enough to make some space for storing our trunks and boxes.

2014-02-19 DSC_4819So, we agreed that we’d make it high enough to store two trunks stacked underneath. 2014-02-19 DSC_4823 2014-02-19 DSC_4824You can see Talia by the bed for reference of how high it was without the mattress on it.  2014-02-19 DSC_4826

I say “was,” because it didn’t last that way for long.  We soon discovered that we couldn’t even get into bed without climbing up on something.  2014-02-19 DSC_4828

And between the time that we planned the bed and had time to actually make it, we found out we were pregnant.  I could just envision myself making all those middle of the night bathroom trips and trying to climb in and out of bed.  Then I thought ahead to all the late night feedings and wondered if this high bed was really a good idea.  To seal the deal, Ryan jumped out of bed in the middle of the night when his phone sounded.  But, in his sleepy state , he had forgotten that the bed was now four feet off the ground.  He hit the floor pretty hard and got a couple bruises.

2014-02-19 DSC_5690So, a few weeks later, Ryan cut the bed down to fit only one trunk.  It is so much better now, and there is still plenty of storage space.

2014-02-19 DSC_5694Why is it, though, that pictures make our bedroom look nicer than real life?  Maybe it’s because it’s missing the musty odor.

Should we have left the bed up on stilts?  Do you have any tips for storage?


4 thoughts on “a tale of two beds (bed 2)”

  1. Melissa I want you to know how much I enjoy you photos and stories. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It is hard to be so far away and wondering what is going on with your family. I’ve shared your website with your cousins. Love to you, Ryan and the girls – Aunt Darsy


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