a simple closet

diy open closet

We were in dire need of somewhere to organize our clothes.  Living out of trunks long term wasn’t going to work, and the giant entertainment center could only hold so much.2014-02-03DSC_4391

So, Ryan set out to build a simple open closet.  First, we thought it would be cool to use galvanized pipes with all the fittings.  We saw some good ideas online and thought it was something that we could do.  Ryan found some of the parts in our town, but we didn’t quite have all the parts we needed and would’ve had to buy a pipe threader on top of everything else. It was going to end up being a lot more work and expense.  So, we went with a simpler option of using the steel pipes along with wood braces.diy simple open closet

First, we measured the heights we wanted the poles to be.  We made the top high enough for our clothes and the bottom to fit the girls clothes.

After marking everything out, Ryan took a long board and drilled holes in it to fit the pipes for the top and bottom rack.

diy simple open closetHe did the same on the two pieces to support the other side, which he mounted on the wall. diy simple open closet

Although the simple closet is not very beautiful, it has 3 big pluses, aside from the obvious one of a functional place to hang clothes.

1. quick to install
2. cheaper than any other option
3. it doesn’t provide a new place for bugs or rodents to hide (we have enough of those as is)

What would you hate to find living in your closet?


4 thoughts on “a simple closet”

  1. Thanks for posting your article on Kefir. Believe it or not our neighbor got us started on it about 2 or 3 weeks ago. She told me about the wonderful benefits of it, gave me some starter grains and instruction but I hadn’t gotten around to researching it more and I had a few questions. I read more about it on your links which answered a few of the questions I had. We had been taking probiotics but had been thinking that they were getting too expensive for the better ones so we are substituting with the kefir. Maybe we should supplement with some other probiotic as well? Talia looks like a big helper in the kitchen and her mom is doing a great job at giving her family a healthy diet :-)!


  2. We went through the very same story…we decide a pretty pipe thing would be great for holding our clothes…then realize that we need a pipe threader to fit my design…then find someone who could thread them for us…but decide that it’s too much trouble and annoyance…wish we would have thought of the wood ends idea. That would have solved it all! Anyways we ended up using a towel rack that we already had. It ended up working mostly fine.


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