a tale of two beds (bed 1)

2014-01-29IMG_4247So after day two, the girls’ room looked like this.  It was a good start, but we knew we wanted to get Talia’s mattress off the floor.  It’s not just because it’s our culture to have a bed frame, but because it would keep her bedding cleaner, and would also keep her much warmer during the cold months.  I’m pretty sure we learned that from Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild.2014-01-29IMGSo, we had this beauty of a bed sitting in our entryway.  I wish I had taken some closeups of the details.  The bed was about a foot too wide for a standard twin mattress, and too narrow for a double.  Besides that, it was super dirty and had been half devoured by termites. So, after getting permission to remodel the bed, Ryan got to work.2014-01-29DSC_3835

First, he took off the beautiful headboard that consisted of a laminate panel, a mirror and  lockable cubbies.2014-01-29DSC_3920Then, he took the frame apart, evicted the termites, and cut it to the right width.  2014-01-29DSC_3879Some of the pieces were unusable, but there was still enough to work with.  He just wasn’t going to be able to recreate that sweet headboard.2014-01-29DSC_3922 2014-01-29DSC_3966Thankfully, he had the use of some power tools from work to make the bed a little less rustic.  The original craftsman hadn’t even bothered to sand it.  The picnic table has turned out to be a good work bench.  2014-01-29DSC_3950Talia got in on the bed-making and enjoyed being Daddy’s helper.2014-01-29DSC_4862After assembling it all in the outdoor kitchen, he took it apart and reassembled it in Talia’s room.  He made the new headboard simple and to resemble the bed Talia had in Bangkok.  Much to his delight, she noticed the similarity all on her own.

2014-01-29DSC_5496So, now the girls’ room is the coziest, most set up space in the whole house.  They even have some pictures on their walls.2014-01-29DSC_5497

We still have the laminate and mirror left over from the headboard.  Any ideas on how we could re-purpose them?


5 thoughts on “a tale of two beds (bed 1)”

  1. First of all, I want to say how handy you are and very creative in remaking items for your home. Could you use the leftover headboard piece to make some sort of a lampstand or use it as a backing to put some pegs or hooks on to hang up clothing or other misc. items? Could you secure some ribbon or cording to the back of the mirror and hang it on the wall at the girls’ level so they could brush their hair while looking in the mirror? It’s hard to know what materials you have to work with there, but those were the things I thought of off the top of my head.


  2. Hey friends! So I just have to be honest, I’m only here to enter the giveaway. 😉 Just kidding. We’ve been without internet so I’m just now discovering your website and it’s SO fun! Amazing job Melissa on the pictures and the stories. You have a talent of letting us peek into your interesting lives. Thank you for taking the time to share so much!


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