outfitting our place

When we moved here, the only furniture we brought was Elise’s crib and at the last second we decided to bring our kitchen table and chairs.  They’re from IKEA, so pack up nice and small.  When we arrived, the house was outfitted with a king sized mattress, a beat up couch, a wicker coffee table and a few wicker stools.  We had a lot that we needed, and limited resources.  With limited resources, we had to be resourceful.


We found that the basket shop sold a couple of things we could use, including this bamboo corner shelf for food (arrangement by Talia)…

2014-01-22-DSC_3817and a small shelf we could use for shoes.2014-01-22-DSC_4376With the small wood shelf, and a couple of coat racks from the Chinese market, we set up our little entryway.  2014-01-22-DSC_3825The basket shop seemed like the only place to get anything that looked appealing (basically anything that wasn’t plastic), so we tried to make the most of it.2014-01-22-DSC_3821 2014-01-22-DSC_4050Ryan used some scraps of wood he found lying around the house to make a little booster chair for Talia.2014-01-22-DSC_5492He also added a built in footrest by screwing in a piece of wood across the front of the chair.2014-01-22-DSC_4841We found a short wooden folding table at the Chinese market to become the girls’ coloring station.

2014-01-22-DSC_4377These trunks have become furniture for us many times.  This time, it might be more permanent.

2014-01-22-DSC_4371The pillows that we brought with us didn’t quite match the duct tape that we used to patch up the house, but the hole was so big, we thought we might lose one of the kids in it.2014-01-22-DSC_4900I forgot to mention we also lucked out with this monstrous “entertainment center” in the bedroom.  It was really the only place to put anything, so as you can see, that’s where we decided to put everything!2014-01-22-DSC_5487We eventually were able to get it more organized with the help of some plastic baskets (you can probably guess where I got them).  We had brought a couple of curtains with us, so I hemmed them and we hung them up with nails and fishing line, a trick I learned when I was a kid.

These are just a few of the easy out-fittings we did.  We also have a few larger projects that I’ll tell you about later.

What are some creative ways you have furnished your house?