rustic beauty

2014-01-13-DSC_4063Our kitchen has expanded!wood counter

We had a counter made, and while it didn’t turn out quite like we had ordered, I love it!  It means I can actually do some cooking inside the house.  This is one solid piece of wood.  It took four men to carry it in off the truck.  Ryan fits on the second shelf completely stretched out.  I wish I had taken a picture of that.2014-01-13-DSC_4070Here are some closeups of the handiwork.  The counter is made from a solid “red wood” and the shelf, which was supposed to be plywood, is made of teak!  2014-01-13-DSC_4071The builder used some interesting methods to put it together.  I honestly don’t care what it looks like.  It’s all about functionality these days.2014-01-13-DSC_4074Check out that smooth, even surface.  Ha!2014-01-13-DSC_4076

The cracks between the boards do present a slight problem in that food falls down between and lands on the dishes below.  But, not a major issue for me.

2014-01-13-DSC_4063It’s starting to look like a real kitchen in here.  All we need is a sink.  One can dream, right?

Have you had any furniture made?  How did it turn out?