where's the kitchen?

2014-01-07-IMG_4264-EditRemember that the kitchen was outside in another building?  Well, with a huge, mostly empty room inside the house, we thought we could bring part of the kitchen inside.

2014-01-07-4P1340833-LargeSo, we looked at what we had to work with.  We grabbed the old paint-speckled desk from the outside kitchen and brought it inside.

2014-01-07-IMG_4246As with everything else, it needed a good cleaning.  There was some large bug that kept sticking its antennae out of a hole, but running back inside before I could knock him out.  He gave me the creeps, but with not much furniture to choose from, this desk was my only hope for having a piece of the kitchen inside.

2014-01-07-IMG_42382014-01-07-IMG_4252After the good cleaning, Ryan got to work fixing the broken drawers of the desk, to make them usable for silverware and other utensils.2014-01-07-DSC_3774Then, Ryan went and bought six tiles from our local hardware shop to protect the top of the desk/counter from the heat of the stove.  Now we have somewhere to cook our eggs inside in the morning without having to unlock the door, put shoes on and head out to the other kitchen!  Our new little counter almost looks pretty in this picture.

2014-01-07-DSC_3814For now, our moving trunks still serve as cupboards.

2014-01-07-DSC_3890And we have to haul dirty dishes to the kitchen out back to wash them.

2014-01-07-DSC_4135But, it’s a big step up.  Next, we’re planning to have a counter made for more workspace and storage inside.

What are your kitchen must haves?  Have you ever had an Asian style outside kitchen?

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