new house: first impressions

We pulled up to our new home, and it looked great.  We had seen pictures, and thought that it would be pretty close to move in ready.

However, there was a bit of work to do.
20131108-IMG_4247First things first, we setup the girls’ room as soon as we arrived, so that they could sleep in somewhat familiar surroundings.  We decided to bring their bedding, rug and curtains and even a few wall hangings to help it feel like home.
20131108-IMG_4229The second morning, our place looked like this.  We’re so glad we made a last minute decision to bring the kitchen table.
20131108-DSC_3898We were expecting the house would be reasonably clean but, there was a lot of work to do.  Above is a gecko skeleton in one of the door jams.  There were hundreds of spiders, cobwebs and ants everywhere.
20131108-IMG_4243Another surprise – no sinks in the house!  The bathroom faucet runs onto the floor.
20131108-IMG_4264-EditAnother challenge was not having a kitchen inside the house.  I had been told it wasn’t connected to the house, but I guess I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be able to see into the house or hear the girls from the kitchen.
20131108-4P1340833-LargeOpening the kitchen cabinets for the first time was a bit scary.  The kitchen is not sealed at all (see the gap between the wall and roof?), so it was a refuge for many bugs.  It didn’t appear to have been used much in the past few years.

So, we were a bit surprised, overwhelmed, and cold… for the first 3 days the sun didn’t shine and it rained constantly.  Ryan kept telling me that we’d make it work and things would seem better soon.  So we adjusted our expectations and got to work cleaning and making some adaptations.

Have you moved recently?  Did you have any surprises at your new house?

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